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Jiewei Power: High-power power battery solution

Recently, the 5th International Symposium on High-power Batteries in 2022 was held in Suzhou as scheduled.The conference was co-sponsored by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association and the 18th Research Institute of China Electronic Science and Technology Corporation.


Jiewei Power joins hands with the National Supercomputing Tianjin Center to jointly promote the innovation and development of new energy battery materials

On November 16th, the “High-end Forum on Material Innovation and Development Driven by Computing-Data-Intelligence Fusion”


Excellent growth!Jiewei Power won the Vico Cup 2022 Double Material Award

On March 16th, OFweek's 2023 Lithium Battery & Electric Vehicle Industry Annual meeting was held in Shenzhen.


Jiewei Power won the Jiangling Group New Energy "Development Contribution Award”

On March 21st, the Jiangling Group New Energy Partner Conference was successfully held in Nanchang.With the theme of “Yilu Peers Hand in hand for the Future”, the conference will seek the innovation and development of new energy vehicles with more than 150 supply chain partners, discuss a new path for the new energy industry, and start a new chapter in the future. picture


Ingenuity and intelligence make the whole stack lean!Jiewei Power Yancheng Base Phase II 4GWh production line officially mass-produced

On March 31st, the mass production ceremony of the second phase 4GWh production line of Jiewei Power Yancheng Base with the theme of ”Craftsmanship, intelligent manufacturing, full-stack lean" was held in Yancheng, Jiangsu.Zhou Xiang,


Jiewei Power 2023 Shanghai Auto Show丨shangshang Chunguang, live up to your expectations!

On April 27th, the 12th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition officially closed. The theme of this year's auto show is “Embracing the new era of the Automobile Industry”


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