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Jiewei Power CIBF2023丨 A different kind of Pengcheng, continue to be wonderful!

Release date:

12 Jun,2023

From May 16th to 18th, the “15th International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (CIBF2023)” hosted by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association was held in Shenzhen, the core engine city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The development trend of the industry is improving, and the atmosphere of the exhibition is hot

In 2022, sales of new energy vehicles will exceed 6.8 million. According to the forecast of the China Automobile Association, it is expected to reach 9 million in 2023. With the comprehensive promotion of new energy vehicles in various countries, the new energy market is showing a rapid development trend, and the demand for power batteries is rising step by step.

At this exhibition, Jiewei Power has the theme of “Innovation is not only dynamic, but also predictable”. In the design of the booth, it revolves around the concept of “low-carbon, minimalist, and harmonious”, with blue as the main color system, which presents a sense of science and technology while reflecting the brand style of Jiewei Power.

Jiewei Power has carefully set up five exhibition areas, namely “soft pack battery Exhibition Area”“ "Square battery Exhibition Area”, “Forward-looking technology Exhibition Area”, “Module System Exhibition Area” and "Energy storage scene Exhibition Area".Once again, relying on industry-leading innovative technology and a series of products with upgraded performance, it has become the focus of the exhibition site.



The installed capacity ranks firmly in the TOP 10, and the production capacity will be developed step by step.


Jiewei Power currently has four production bases in Tianjin, Yancheng, Jiaxing and Changxing, and has established cooperative relations with more than ten mainstream customers at home and abroad.The latest data from the China Automobile Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance show that from January to April 2023, Jiewei Power will still rank in the top 10 in the ranking of domestic power battery installed capacity, of which ternary installed capacity ranks 8th.

The speed of power battery technology renewal and iteration is rapid, and the backward advantage of production capacity allows Jiewei Power to not lag behind the constraints of production capacity on new technologies and new processes, and the R&D team is more focused on the development of new technologies and product performance improvement; in the construction of the new base, Jiewei Power applies advanced intelligent digitization concepts to reduce the energy consumption of the factory and build a zero-carbon factory.Since this year, with the commissioning of the second phase of the Yancheng Base and the accelerated construction of the Changxing Base, Jiewei Power is steadily advancing the strategic goal of “Jiezhan 25,000”.

At present, Jiewei Power has achieved full coverage of power product applications for BEV, PHEV, REEV, HEV and other models; product forms include two series of soft-pack batteries and square batteries; system selection covers LFP, NCM and LMFP, lithium-rich manganese-based, semi-solid and Na batteries for next-generation systems.At this exhibition, Jiewei Power focused on the full range of power products, reflecting the systematic ability of Jiewei Power to lead the industry.